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Booking Summary

In order to view your booking status please provide us with:

  1. The email address you provided when booking
  2. Your booking reference number

This booking status facility allows you to:

  • Read the details of your booking - dates - room type etc.
  • Check that your booking has been confirmed
  • Check B&B Details - Address - Website URL - Email - Phone
  • Advise your estimated time of arrival
  • View a map of the B&Bs location
  • Link to B&B Reviews to read or write a review
  • Read the B&Bs Cancelation Policy
  • Print out all details above
  • Cancel a booking or email to advise of changes
  • Claim a Refund of Booking Fee if Booking is

Please remember that in using that you are dealing directly with the accommodation owner or manager. This has many benefits - minimises double booking - the best room rates and last minute deals. Please use this Booking Status Page to phone or email your B&B accommodation directly.

YOUR BOOKING is usually confirmed (or declined) by the B&B host within 24 hours.
This is done in using 2 separate methods.

  1. By Email (Please check your spam filter)
  2. By updating your online booking status page

EMAILS: Please DO NOT RELY on receiving emails confirming your booking. Why? Because many Internet Service Providers may have over zealous settings on their spam filters and emails are not always delivered. This is often the case for emails sent from automated booking systems.

BOOKING STATUS PAGE: ( Non-delivery of confirmation emails has become a problem for many but "BOOK a B&B" has resolved this problem with the introduction of this ONLINE BOOKING STATUS PAGE.

BOOKING CANCELLATION TERMS: If your booking is declined for any reason no booking fee is charged - for the status of any booking, please revisit your booking status page

Your booking status page has a form to CANCEL BOOKINGS but if YOU CANCEL the booking fee is forfeited - If your accommodation has taken any advanced payment or deposit, please read the cancellation policy in their confirmation email.

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